First Signs

What signs should I teach my child?

Begin by teaching your child signs for words your child wants or needs to say TO YOU. You have words, and they understand most of them, but they don’t yet have words. Teaching your child signs means giving THEM the ability to communicate with YOU.

When you start signing, it’s important to try to use only a few signs until the child or children catch on to what you’re doing. It’s especially helpful if you find signs for things you already know are of interest to your child.

Start with the very basics: EAT, MILK, MORE, ALL DONE/FINISHED.










All Done



Throw in PLEASE and THANK YOU. They aren’t child oriented, but they’re good to introduce early. (Warning: It’s really hard to resist a tiny pre-verbal child who signs please and thank you.)





Thank You



BED, BATH, BOOK, PLAY, and your child’s favorite toy or ‘lovey’ friend are key words to introduce early.

Ready for these and more words?  Click here to find the ones your little one needs.

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